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About us


We specialize in playing wild, funky, infectious, and incredibly danceable street music from Salvador, Bahia in Brazil. 


We are a community based group.  We love to play, we love to dance.  Music is how we share our friendship and joy and give our appreciation to all the wonderful people that make Eugene so rad!


Samba Ja is in it's 22nd year and has seen many people of all walks of life pass through our numbers over this time. While musicians with varying levels of experience join us there are many folks have no musical background when they join the group. With help from band members and practice folks always catch the rhythm.  Some of our members have been in the group 20+ years now, and some just started a year ago and we are grateful to have have alumni that played for a few years then moved on to other endeavors in life and are still our friends and collaborators.

We are part of a worldwide network of percussionists who play samba and other Brazilian genres. A couple times a year we meet up and play with our bateria friends in Seattle and Arcata.  We also host and attend workshops by master percussionists. We're indebted to Dudu Fuentes, Nininho de Olinda, Jorge Martins, Jorge Alabe, Marcus Santos, and other artists for our repertoire and education as well as all who play this music worldwide.

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