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Beginner Workshops

Beginner classes are usually 10 week sessions quarterly on Mondays 7-9pm

Advanced Rehearsal

Wednesdays 7-9pm

All year round

Workshop and Rehearsal Address


Core Star Center

439 W. 2nd Ave

Eugene, OR

Any questions email us

Would you like to learn to play Afro-Brazilian drums?

Our next beginner class will be Starting Monday  January 8th, 2024 and run through February 26th. The class is on Monday nights from 7-9p. This is an 8 week course and in the class, we will learn about the genre, drumming technique, and 2 songs from our repertoire. This class cost $60 payable by the start of the 2nd class. If you are interested you will need to RSVP as space will be limited and we'll be sending out some material to review before the start of class. You can contact us through email at or via our Facebook page.


Samba Ja welcomes you to  hands-on Brazilian drumming classes. No prior experience or equipment of your own is necessary; just show up and learn by playing together. In this supportive, beginner-friendly environment, we explore the history of the genre, proper playing technique, and simplified versions of our repertoire, so that those who are interested in eventually joining the band and playing shows can start their training here.

When we say no experience necessary, we mean it. Many of our current members had never touched a drum before their first workshop. 

Tuition for fall/winter/spring: $60 per term. You will need to pre-register with the full amount and you have two weeks of classes to drop and get a full refund.

Scholarships are available.

Contact with scholarship inquiries. 

Classes are offered in seasonal terms with breaks in between, loosely similar to the college term system, and each term covers different repertoire. If you attend four terms (one year), you will have played almost all of the Samba Ja repertoire. Players who demonstrate technical progress and proficiency with the repertoire will be invited to play at Wednesday Advanced rehearsals and then eventually invited to be a performing member. For more experienced musicians or quicker learners, this may happen before your one-year mark. Once you're playing shows, you stop paying tuition. 


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